Le Sigh

The weekend is over =(

I am not sad about Manifest being over, all I did there was basically buy stuff, but it was the more being out in Melbourne and spending time with friends that made the weekend enjoyable. So many random things happened, so much laughter...I miss that here. It is back to normal life so it is kinda boring xD

I would write up about my weekend but a lot of stuff happened and at the moment I can't really be bothered xD I feel a bit out of it all at the moment and a little lonely =/ I guess that is what you get for spending 4 and a bit days with friends and then come home.

Oh wells at least there are a lot of memories of this weekend, and some stuff which I will probably write about later.

I've moved out of home.

Yeah cause now I live at work xD Spent 11 hours here yesterday, and I am now an hour and a half early for my shift today >_>

Set off early to work today because I needed to vote. Well I did that at about 1:30 and then got dropped at Granville. I think I voted wrong. Apparently you are only meant to put 1 and 2 on the form...I did more...but eh I was going to just put a blank form in the box anyway.

The morning was to say the least not that great. Apart from getting woken up early after getting home from work at 2am...it could of been better. Feels good to be out actually. Because of the trackwork on the North Shore/Western Line so I caught the train to Wynyard. Got some Subway at Granville, the lettuce looked yellow >_< Diet coke tasted crap xD

The train ride was good, nice and air-conditioned and good for book reading. The bus was nice and air-conditioned and had a girl on it that looked like Asuka =) Well Asuka with short hair anyway xD Getting to Gordon I walked past Civic video and noticed an ex-Rental of Be Kind Rewind which I bought straight away (I was gonna hire it to watch, but for a bit more I though hey why not buy it..)

Well I am at work now and start Pizza Hut Direct in about an hour. Thinking I might have a movie day tomorrow since I bought a new movie =) Though that is after I sleep in of course xD

My total in my cash cup now is $58.15...should have some more change to add to it tonight, it is about half full.

Can't think of much else at the moment, except I am at work too much, but maybe they pay me now for just being here as I seem to have more money then I should some how. Good thing this isn't being posted on Dramabook as someone might find out about it....
Hiruma Eyeshield 21


The rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Then tag 10 people and force them ask them nicely to post this meme on their LJs. Because it is good. Everyone needs a little happiness once in a while.

1. The Wheel of Time!
2.  Manifest~
3.  Eyeshield 21 =)
4.  Poker (When I do good).
5.  Not taking calls.
6.  Spam. (My Spam which gets spammed in return, not other peoples spam).
7. Stan Bush.
8.  Transformers.
9.  Free Lunch.
10. Sara =3

*sigh* Looking at all the people that got tagged by Shoe and Shazzie, isn't really anyone left to tag.

So I tag...

Jendan,  Jendan, Jendan,  Jendan, Jendan,  Jendan, Jendan,  Jendan, Jendan,  Jendan.


1. What are your nicknames?
Colman, Col of Man, Ray, Big C.

2. What clothes are you wearing at the moment?
At the moment Pjs xD

3. What fandom(s) are you most into at the moment?
Eyeshield 21!

4. What is your favorite scent?

5. What video games are you playing at the moment?

6. What do you eat the most?
Chips >_>

7. Do you trust easily?
I try to trust easily, most of the time it is the right thing to do.

8. What was your first big fandom?

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Yeah..don't want to talk about it xD

10. Do you have a good body-image?
Eh, Not really but I suppose it ain't all that bad..

11. Is being tagged fun?
I am a tag whore.

12. What websites do you visit daily?
Forums, Email xD

13. Who are currently the most important people to you?
Sara <3 Ummm....My Friends?

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Which one?
Tag One - Mahogany!
Tag Three - My love <3

15. What’s the last song that got stuck in your head?
The Touch?

16. What’s your favorite item of clothing?
Transformer Shirts

17. What's better: to give or to receive?
To give, since I rarely get anything I get to give and be happy =D

18. What turns you on in the opposite gender?
A nice smile and legs xD

19. Is there anything you want so bad right now?
My girl =( That and some more doughnuts xD

20. What should you be doing right now?

21. Do you always use conditioner when washing your hair?
YES, cause it is shit otherwise >_>



I've paid for Manifest! Well for Sara and myself. Shoe can netbank so he can pay for himself. Just waiting on Jendan to actually Register so I can then pay for him otherwise he is gonna have to pay on the day....


I just hope I didn't stuff it up and lose $70....


I been out pretty much since I actually agreed to go to Manifest so I didn't get time to post anything xD

Basically when Jendan came over on Monday he said "Hey you can come to Manifest still if we can stay at your Dad's house". Fair enough so that instead of everyone sleeping in the car there are beds. It would of been unfair of me to go otherwise because there would of been no room for me. So I rang my Dad and he said he would ask my Step-Mum and get back to me.

Well didn't hear anything from him so I rang him when I got out at Poker and he said yes. So I gave Jendan the thumbs up and rang Sara. That didn't go so well >_> I know I said that originally I didn't want to go, but that was because financially it wasn't really possible for me to go paying for air-fare and accommodation...but with Jendan now driving and my Dad saying we could spend the weekend at his house it because possible and I can spend some good time with my friends in the car xD

Now to save. My cup of money balance stands at $30.05, $4.95 short of what I need for the Manifest ticket. I decided that I would pay for everyone's tickets (most likely by EFT now) and they pay me back. A nice way to spend money but save it at the same time xD (Hopefully Jendan will let me pay for his and then get a discounted chip in on the petrol)

The Manifest code is now in act and any unnecessary spending and meetups are not in my budget...This caused problems for the weekend but now I think better plans are made xD I went from having 9 hours to almost 14 next week at work thanks to a computer error (Reminds me of a chance card in Monopoly xD) so now I have an 8 hour shift next Friday being 4pm-Midnight. Also get 2 hours of Tech on Friday wracking up some nice hours and allowing me to save more money then I thought. Hopefully with enough to get my Dad and Step-Mum birthday presents =)

JENDAN NEEDS TO FIX HIS RADIO. But we are working out options and I think this trip needs the What is Love? 4-chan extended mix at least once xD Gonna be an awesome road trip - Jendan, Sara, Shoe and myself! And I get to see my Dad too which is nice.

Put in leave for Manifest weekend and for the Halloween party next month. PIZZA HUT FTW~!

Ahhh long post is long, but I think that was all I wanted to say xD

p.s. When I registered for Manifest...I ended up doing it 3 times >_>

Family Matters

Today was my cousins birthday. I actually looked forward to this today because I seem to enjoy spending time with him. And since it was his 18th it involved alcohol *sigh* Mind he wasn't the problem, I even bought some alcohol for him xD

The problem was my brother. He just doesn't know when to stop. Luckily an authoritative figure said so. All day he had been drinking and annoyed a few people. Me for one. This is the reason I don't like drinking. Mind he is silly a lot of the time, but today was something different. Even Kylie was annoyed and in the end wanting to take him home. He was saying some silly and rude things, as well as stumbling and in the end throwing up. I am actually glad Sara didn't come along today to save the embarrassment and for her to not dislike my family anymore then she may already do so. I actually missed her today too...for silly reasons, always because there could be other people hugging and making me missing her comfort. I know I see her plenty but I am greedy xD

The day itself was nice. Nice food, nice entertainment (such as pool and poker xD) and nice to be with family again. My cousin asked me to stay over and I was really considering doing so..but then I worried about silly things like not really having the money needed to go home. I owe my brother $5 and Brendan $10 so it doesn't leave me with much. Just enough actually. Mind I am saving at the moment, and told Sara I would buy her something nice. But not until I have filled my money cup to the top, otherwise Brendan would be disappointed xD Played some Guitar Hero also with my cousin, gosh I fail at it. Looking at staying over his house sometime, would be good fun I reckon.

Yesterday was a bit eventful. I get upset too easily...Sorry if I am burdensome sometimes, but I appreciate you still being there.

Wondering what I am doing with myself after today, really weird thoughts to have but I had them. Move on in life so I can support myself and loved one, I wanna be the bread winner! I need direction. Very weird day today =S

Well I wanted to rant about today but I feel better after doing so. Not as annoyed. Think I will go and play poker tomorrow, yeah!

Fear my Poisonous Gas

Your Career as a Deadly Assassin (LJ) by maxgallagher
You first killed at age17
Your victim wasYour best-friend
Your trademark weaponPoison Gas
Your reputationGreedy and indulgent
You work withgn004nadleeh
You kill forFame
In the end, you are defeated byshaz_ashuri
Your deathStrangled
Your career body-count425

hahahahaha Huh-Huh partner in crime >=)

I feel like a biscuit but I'm not allowed to have any....

Got a Library fine >_>

Rouse Hill library seem to be more harsh the Chester Hill library, they give you at least a week I think. It's been 5 days and I have a $5 fine...my book I asked to be returned yesterday, mind I don't know if that would of made a difference. I should of renewed it or at least realised it was due back so it is my fault...I just hope it was returned today so I don't get another $5 fine...If I would of bought it at Parklea Markets I would of got it returned. And that would of only cost $4.50...

Things seem to of turned really shit after yesterday...feeling a bit cut out of things at the moment, hardly been spoken to and not even a goodnight...I understand that stuff is happening though I have no idea what but I don't think I really deserve to be ignored for lack of better word.

Well tonight I am working till midnight. Gonna leave for work a bit early to go to the library at Cheso since a book I asked for should be in (THe Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan). Then get some dinner before work, probably Maccas. Since I will be at Strathfield at about 1am I might go to 7-11 if I am hungry for a MUNCH sandwich. Hoping the weekend is a bit better, should be going to Penrith on Saturday to hang out with Quake (Probably gonna be tired since I am getting home at about 2am...) Then hopefully back to my house and then to my cousins birthday on Sunday. Probably just get him some alcohol for his birthday xD

I have to find something to do for the next 3 and a bit hours because I don't really want to leave early for work. I considered going to get my book returned but I don't really have the money to be going all these places and plus it would take longer for me to then get to work...I don't feel in a traveling mood unless it is on a train so I can read. I am enjoying reading a lot lately, always a good escape to a world that seems better then my own (except for all the killing and dying and general destruction of the world that happens according to the Pattern xD).

I really need to dust/vacuum my room but I am too lazy to do so. I should go check my washing and put my clothes in the dryer so I have something to wear to work. I feel like ranting a bit more but I got nothing much left...At least I am getting over my sickness...

And sometimes...people are just jerks...

I love using Simpsons quotes as my title but anyway....

Ahhhh Drama Llama on the Animania forums...Honestly, while criticism can make something better by looking for ways to improve, calling people names like "Dickheads" and such, makes you look like an idiot...It was good to actually see staff reply and what they said was actually quite helpful. I would rant there but there is no real point. While I didn't volunteer this year, I still have many friends in the staff and to hear them being talked about in a bad way makes me annoyed and sad. People can really have a cry when they want to. Most just post to cause trouble, I wouldn't waste my time with them.

While I had my problems with Animania I enjoyed my weekend seeing my friends, cosplaying and singing at karaoke xD Much fun was had and I am glad I went (wish it was cheaper though =p)

Well I look forward to how they will improve things for next year. I gotta get to work now and I couldn't really be bothered to do a wrap up for my weekend, but thank you to all my friends for making it fun. And thank you to the FMA group for being so awesome. Even though we didn't win I thought we were great xD I might post some photos later =)